UMMA Ramadan Notice 2022

As-salamu alaykum dear community members, we hope you are doing well and looking forward to the month of Ramadan.

We are blessed and fortunate to access the masjid for prayers.

The first day of Ramadan at UMMA Centre will be Saturday, 2nd of April 2022, as per the ANIC announcement, which means:

  • ⏰ Isha/Tarawih prayer will commence from Friday 1st of April at 8:45 pm
  • ⏰ Note Isha/Tarawih time will change on Sunday 3rd of April to 7:45 pm (due to the end of DST).

ℹ️ Please kindly view the important information within the UMMA Ramadan Pack for 2022 as a slideshow (tap/swipe to transition slides) here:

The pack contains the ANIC announcement for reference.

As a quick reference if you wish the UMMA Ramadan Calendar 2022 (per above) can be saved and used as your device’s wallpaper.


For all information relating to Eid please visit the Eid page.

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