Matrimonial Service

Whoever likes my way, he should follow my sunnah, and nikkah is from my sunnah.
(Hadith from Bayhaqi)

To fulfill UMMA’s religious and moral obligations and to provide a platform from which it can assist in finding a suitable match for brothers and sisters (single, divorced or widowed), UMMA has started the UMMA Matrimonial Service. UMS will not be providing a dating service. The service is to operate in a very professional and confidential manner, inshallah.

The basic form of operation will be through a number of representatives whom any interested individuals can contact to register their interest. The individual is in control of the process at all times. The UMS representatives are merely there to introduce and assist individuals wherever possible. The following are the representatives that can be contacted 

Mrs. Sabiya Jabbar
Phone: 0412 922 891

Mr. & Mrs. Manzoor Mian
Phone: 0488 601 158

Mrs. Rashda Haque
Phone: 0415 883 266

Please Note: This is a voluntary service from UMMA. UMMA will take utmost care to keep information confidential. However UMMA and UMS should not be held responsible for any undesirable outcomes.