We are a community established in the leafy Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The community is united by its Islamic faith values and traditions for over 35 years.

Our community is made up of diverse cultural background and professions.

The Vision 

of UMMA Centre is centred around the principle of the “Islamic Faith in the Hearts of the People”

Our vision is to create a vibrant and inclusive Islamic community based on the tenets of Islam which serves the Muslim and wider community.

Our Mission

is for “Islam to Inspire, Educate and Serve the Community”

UMMA Centre aims to Inspire, Educate and Serve the local community and to encourage others to Inspire, Educate and Serve.

We aim to Inspire people to faith through Information sessions, social media, various Activities and Events, and to develop the youth to become future leaders of the community.

We aim to Educate Muslims and non-Muslims, both young and old about the true teachings of Islam.

We aim to encourage and facilitate the worship of Allah (Glory be to Him) and to Serve the Australian community.

Our People


Public Officer

Dr (Br) Mohiddin Sayyad

+61 414 886 421


Br. Amad Kazi

+61 438 348 274


Br. Arshad Syed

+61 402 349 955

Vice Chairman

Br Mustapha Sayyad

+61 402 466 786

Our Partners

Our Story

The founding members of UMMA centre moved to Melbourne in the early 1960’s and 1970’s.

These community members moved from areas of Pakistan and India and chose to settle in the inner eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As they settled in Melbourne, the families moved to the outer east suburbs of Melbourne such as leafy Doncaster and surrounds to accommodate their growing families.

In 1984, a Uniting Church on 72-74 George Street was available for purchase. The elders at that time collected funds from within their sources to purchase the facility.

This was a humble beginning and at that time a handful number of families attended the facility. The elders established a governance framework under UMMA’s constitution and progressively drew plans for the suitability and expansion of the facility as a mosque and community centre.
UMMA now is a well-established centre with a vibrant and growing community.