Introducing Manningham Cricket Club UMMA Hammers

UMMA is working together with Manningham Cricket club and Introducing Manningham Cricket Club UMMA Hammers

The team UMMA Hammers has been designed as a combination of names between Manningham and UMMA and sounds hard hitting, just like our young cricketers.
Please come and join the UMMA Hammers by filling out the attached form, and Send back to us on
Manningham Cricket Club to come to UMMA and organise to meet all the people who have submitted the forms and their parents.

Download UMMA HAMMERS Application form here

2011 UMMA Table Tennis Tournament at

72 George Street, Doncaster East

First Call to Participants
Tournament Starts on 1st December, 2011

Please register names for the following ‘Single’ categories

1. Abdul Rauf Siddiqui Champions Trophy (Men)

2. Ghazanfar Nazir Achievers Trophy (Men)


Tues and Thurs (8.00 PM)
Sundays (immediately after Zuhr Salaat)

Contact Details

Br. Taheer Meraj, Tel: 9841 5006
Br. Zafar Shah Khan, Tel: 9331 7997
Br. Abdul Waheed Kazi, Tel: 0402137975
Br. Aslam Khan, Tel: 0431386799
Br. Mirza Kaunain Beg, Tel: 0431400200
Br. Syed Arshed Usman, Tel: 0402349955
Br. Rafique Punjwani, Tel: 0403061701